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Neea Rusch


I am currently working on my PhD in Computer Science at Augusta University. I also work as an adjunct instructor at Augusta University School of Computer and Cyber Sciences. Before that I have spent several years as a senior software engineer at various companies working on web and mobile app development and system architecture design and development. Before that I completed MSc in CS at Georgia Tech and BSc in CS at Augusta University.

Other Activities

I am an indie hacker and build apps for different platforms, primarily web, Android OS, browser extensions and web crawlers and bots. You can find my work on Google Play, F-droid, Chrome web store, Amazon appstore, Edge addons, NPM registry, Github marketplace and on the web. Over 150K people across the world use this software actively, meaning it is installed on their device currently. For example I help people to download over 1 million images every single day.

Here are some apps I have built:

You can find FOSS/FLOSS projects I contribute to here.

Coding Stats by Wakatime

You can also find me on these platforms