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Neea Rusch


I am currently working on my PhD in Computer Science at Augusta University. I also work as an adjunct instructor at Augusta University School of Computer and Cyber Sciences. Before that I have spent several years as a senior software engineer at various companies working on web and mobile app development and system architecture design and development. Before that I studied CS at Georgia Tech and at Augusta University.

I am an indie hacker and build apps for different platforms, primarily web, Android OS, browser extensions and web crawlers and bots. You can find my work on Google Play, F-droid, Chrome web store, Amazon appstore, Edge addons, Firefox add-ons, Opera addons, NPM registry, Github marketplace and on the web. Over 150K people across the world use this software actively, meaning it is installed on their device currently. For example I help people to download over 1 million images every day.

Here are some apps I have built:

You can find FOSS/FLOSS projects I contribute to here

Coding Statsby Wakatime

You can also find me here

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